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Total Body Training™ is Changing the Shape of Personal Training.  This revolutionary program combines the most cutting-edge proven techniques for fitness training & fat loss with a specially designed nutrition system and the accountability and guidance of a personal trainer for the fastest results possible.

Each Client Receives:
  • Full Body Composition Analysis (Body Fat, Body Age, Lean Body Mass, Bone Density, Hydration)
  • Goal Consultation
  • Customized Meal Plan (Also includes recipes and additional accountability and support)
  • Excellent Nutrition Guidance
  • Monthly or Bi-Monthly Progress Assessments
  • Training up to 4 days a week with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • On-line coaching and support

Space is limited in each hour to provide for a high level of personal attention to each client.  Call today to reserve your spot or to set up a trial week in either program.  

Call:  832-928-2783  or  Email info@totalbodysystems.com

The Total Body Training™ Program

Total Body Training™ uses an exclusive and proprietary blend of training formats along with a specially designed meal plan created to help clients reach a level of fitness that they never thought possible or thought was gone forever. These powerful & unique training programs are designed to ensure that each client gets the right combination of cardio training, strength training, flexibility and core training to reach their fitness goals as soon as possible.

Unparalleled Support, Guidance & Accountability

You will have expert personal trainers to hold you accountable, push you to your limits and keep you focused on your goal every step of the way along with the support of your training partners to encourage and motivate you as you all work together to reach your goals.

Workouts Designed for Extraordinary Results

These exhilarating workouts are designed for extraordinary body changing results.  Each workout consists of the perfect combination of integrated strength training, challenging core work, high intensity interval training and full post workout flexibility to ensure that your body changes quickly, safely, and for the long-term.  The workouts are designed using the most cutting-edge scientific methods to losing fat as fast as possible while gaining and maintaining beautiful lean muscle tissue.  Your body will be trim, lean, strong and healthy just in time for summer!

Delicious, Healthy Meal Plan

The program includes a nutrition plan specially created to compliment your new training regimen to help you shred fat, boost energy, maximize your endurance and help you fully recover after each workout.  The recipes are delicious and perfectly balanced in nutrition.  This meal plan is so delicious and easy to maintain that you are able to use the plan to feed your whole family and they will thank you for it.  No more cooking separate meals for you and your family.

Call or email for pricing details and to check out our monthly specials.  

Call: 832-928-2783  or Email: info@totalbodysystems.com